“Tim’s famous book on television journalism, Storytelling and the Anima Factor, continues to be an important foundation for us. This country will benefit immeasurably from his expertise if we have him living permanently here.”
Joe Thloloe, Press Ombudsman, Executive Director Press Council of South Africa
“I have had the honour of being Tim’s professional colleague and partner in journalism training courses. He is a first class journalist, a great writer and a gifted trainer.”
Bob Culbert, Former Executive Director, Network News & Current Affairs, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Former Vice-President, Documentaries, CTV.
“Tim told us once: ‘The most noble goal that this little box can achieve is bring understanding between humans.’ At every step of my filmmaker job (and teaching at the Institut du son et de l’image, INIS, Montreal, or at the International Film and Television School, Cuba) the lessons of Tim Knight are always my faithful partners.”
Patricio Henriquez, co-Director You Don’t Like The Truth: Four Days Inside Guantánamo
“Tim’s training is elegant, efficient and deadly accurate. He’s seen in all; done it all; knows what can go wrong and how to fix it. He brings understanding. And gives you the skills to do your best.”
Sara Wolch, Producer IDEAS, CBC Radio One
“Just imagine 12 TV anchors in one room for a week. Check the egos at the door. Seriously, a great course. I thoroughly enjoyed our workshop. I enjoyed working with you again. It was a rare week. I meant it when I said I am your biggest fan. I believe in what you are trying to do.”
Susan Ormiston, National Reporter, CBC-TV News
“Tim Knight is somewhat of a hero of mine. He was a fountain of information, and his responses were insightful, witty, thought provoking and incredibly modest for a man of his achievements – just as I had remembered him as a fellow speaker at the (Journalism) conference.”
“I have never learned so much about what I do in such a short period of time. Actually, I have never learned so much … period.”
Ian Parker, news anchor, CBC Ottawa
“The training was totally priceless, as was delving into your book.”
Sam Husseini, Director Communications, Institute For Public Accuracy, Washington D.C
“Applying his years of coaching broadcasters at CBC and his wealth of knowledge and experience from the field, he drove the students to the highest of standards – his own. In doing so, he captured both their respect and imagination.”
Maija Saari, Assistant Professor, Journalism & Contemporary Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University
“You were, as usual, superb. It’s marvelous to feel people caring a lot about their work. Thank you for being there; thank you for working so hard; thank you for caring so much.”
Phyllis Platt, Executive Producer, Newswatch, CBC Montreal
“You’ve done a tremendous job for the CBC.”
Peter Herrndorf, Vice President, CBC
“I use your techniques every day and they have been key to my success in the world of TV …I’m not exaggerating when I say the course was worth a case of Chateau Lafite 1975 at least.”
Norm Bolen, Executive Vice President Programming, Alliance Atlantis Communications, past Head CBC TV Current Affairs
“Thank you for reaching deep into yourself and giving so much.”
“Apart from being of enormous value, the course was both mentally and emotionally fulfilling. It was really powerful stuff.”
“Journalists are now workers for the people, not the state.”
“With all that I have received, I am going to challenge others and persuade them to get on the move.”
“I found the course tremendously exciting and challenging.”
“It was a fantastic experience and I learned so very much.”
“You are a shining star in the firmament of TV journalism.”
South African Broadcasting Corporation Workshop
“Not only did he give himself as a professional, he gave his heart. This was the best.”
“Tim has an incredible generosity and commitment to our craft … a TV prophet.”
“Outstanding. Tim Knight is a genius, a prophet and a nice guy.”
“He was excellent. Wild background … good wit. A rebel in his time, but a pro.”
“Knight was an excellent, generous and extremely knowledgeable leader.”
“Most important were Tim’s intelligence, integrity and fresh perspective.”
“Leader conveyed the basics AND sophisticated ideas.”
“Commands respect by his knowledge, style and humanity … seminar felt like a gift from him.”
PBS Workshop
“Tim helped us understand, respect and embrace our enormous responsibility. He also helped us see that — like our leaders — we were required to be nothing else but servants of the people. More than once, journalists wept at the end of training sessions.”
Sylvia Vollenhoven, Managing Director VIA — Vision in Africa
“I have often shared your many wise teachings with my staff.”
Cynthia Fenneman, President and CEO, American Public Television
“Tim knight is one of the finest journalism trainers in the industry. He has been there and done that yet his opinions on media today remains on the cutting edge.”
Patrice Mousseau, News Anchor, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)
“I found our session extremely helpful. It’s great when someone has had enough experience to cut to the Zen centre of an activity and can bring it into the light, as you did. Your guidance gave me confidence in presenting and a desire to learn more.”
Wayne MacPhail, President w8nc
“I want you to know that since you last came to South Africa, I have been on many training courses and you remain the most dynamic and inspiring facilitator/workshop leader/journalist I know!!!”
Paula Slier, Freelance Foreign Correspondent
“It was incredibly helpful. Tim was great — he was straightforward and his approach provided us with all of the skills to feel comfortable in front of (and behind) the camera. It really was an amazing experience, and we had fun through it all.”
Elizabeth Wiley, The Real News
“I continue to feel a new level of commitment, enthusiasm and “can-do” spirit among the staff. My deepest gratitude and admiration.”
Alan Foster, Executive Producer, News & Current Affairs, WGBH, Boston
“The wisdom and knowledge we got from Tim motivated us to feel that we really can do the best programs in Finland (or Europe). He is the best trainer we can imagine.”
Peppi Kajanne, Executive Producer, MTV, Finland
“To the dozens of journalists you have left a void. They feel the course was too short. You had so many other things to teach them. Your kindness, laced with your bluntness, your vast knowledge of the media, your experience of the world, fascinated them.”
B. Ramlallah, President Mauritius Union of Journalists
“As always Tim’s work with the members of our personnel was exquisite. The results are already noticeable, both on the performance and the morale of all. Mr. Knight is undoubtedly a valuable asset to the Corporation. His work with the French network is unique.”
Guy Fillion, Redacteur En Chef Delegue, Radio-Canada
“They sent me to this guy called Tim. Calls himself a trainer. This trainer told me to look through — not at — the camera. Told me to stop and think about what I’m reading. This had a strange, calming effect on me. Now, somehow, I make sense. Even when the script doesn’t. This guy Tim, he’s no trainer. He’s a fucking genius.”
Hilary Brown, Anchor, CBC Evening News, Toronto
“Tim. He’s GREAT!”
“Tim did a great job of giving us ideas and methods. The workshop brainstorming sessions were really helpful.”
“Tim Knight’s session was specific, inspirational and inspiring.”
“Tim Knight was very engaging and offered a lot of valuable insight.”
“Tim Knight was amazing.”
“It was concrete, entertaining and the most useful.”
“Tim, Tim, Tim!! Ethics and practical matters, love of Africa – Fab!”
Journalists for Human Rights Workshop
“This has been the most challenging and most fun month of my life.”
“This last month has been an incredible learning experience for me. I’m grateful that you were able to guide us all.”
“I now have the confidence and skills to be the best damn journalist I can be. These workshops made that possible.”
“I thought the entire workshop was excellent. I learned a heck of a lot more than I ever did at j-School and the CBC training courses.”
“I know lots more today than I did weeks ago. My skills and knowledge have substantially improved.”
“I want to be better at everything. My learning won’t stop. What I need to do next is use these wonderful tools I have been given.”
“He was able to inspire us and incite our passion for the task ahead.”
“The only thing that I hoped for was more time. Improved? I don’t think so.”
Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) Workshop