Most of us think of African wildlife reserves as vast expanses of virgin land where wild animals live natural lives, safe from human interference.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.

Just as the gods intended.

That’s how wildlife reserves want to be seen and how tourists want to see them.

That’s not the way they are.

Inside Noah’s Ark is a wildlife trilogy like you’ve never seen before.

These three 1-hour documentaries take viewers where tourists can never go — behind the scenes at two of the world’s great wildlife reserves, South Africa’s Pilanesberg National Park and Tswalu Kalahari Reserve.

In both reserves — because of human need, greed and ignorance — wild animals can no longer live truly wild. Instead, they have to be managed, just like cattle on a ranch. In effect, the animals live in huge zoos.


On location for Inside Noah’s Ark in the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve with tranquilized cheetah. Left to right: Executive Producer Tim Knight, Director of Photography Russell Belter, Tswalu General Manager Gus van Dyk.

Our guide is field biologist Gus van Dyk who moves from Head Ranger at Pilanesberg to manage the brand new Tswalu Reserve (motto: “Return the Kalahari to Itself”) owned by billionaire Nicky Oppenheimer, chairman of the De Beers diamond company.

Van Dyk is handsome, charismatic and caring, more like a rugged movie star than a scientist. His wildlife expertise combines modern science with traditional African knowledge as he builds twenty-first century Noah’s Arks in South Africa’s high-veldt and desert.

Inside Noah’s Ark is powerful reality storytelling, focusing on a man who must radically intervene in nature to save what little is left.

Executive Producer/co-Director/Writer/Host is Emmy and Sigma Delta Chi awards winner Tim Knight.  Famed international wildlife cameraman, Russell Belter, is
 Director of Photography.

Inside Noah’s Ark was produced in 2008 by KnightHawk Communications Inc. and WildCam Television Productions for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, PBS and 15 international broadcasters.




The three 1-hour episodes of Inside Noah’s Ark (Tales of the Grassland, Tales of the Desert and MoreTales of the Desert) are now available for instant streaming or DVD purchase on Amazon.  Click the images below to find them now.



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What they’ve said about Knight’s Inside Noah’s Ark trilogy:

“Riveting stuff, often great in its expansive way as it documents the ticking of the clock in northern South Africa as ecologists battle to save a whole range of endangered wild life … legendary producer … Knight certainly knows how to tell a story in striking visual terms.”
Jim Bawden, Toronto Star TV Critic
“I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we’ve enjoyed the programmes – the narrative, the photography, and of course the conservationists and the animals.”
Liliana Lombardero, Director of Distribution & Operations, Off the Fence (International Distribution Company)
“Well documented documentary giving the audience an inside look at wildlife and the workings of behavioral science in the conservation of animals. Inside Noah’s Ark looks at modern man’s attempt to reverse the negative effects we’ve had on wildlife in the past. For a wildlife doc it does more, shows more and goes further in bringing to the screen issues of concern for wildlife and its’ conservation. I haven’t seen anything like Inside Noah’s Ark. It gets both my thumbs up!”
Nhlanhla Hlongwane, South African Broadcasting Corporation Commissioning Editor
“Wonderful. I am madly in love with Gus, and am now going to devote my life to lions! It is brilliant work my dear father!”
Lesley Knight, Daughter of Executive Producer
“I think you’ve a fantastic film here. Glorious overall and often stunning. Simply as a viewer, I enjoyed the hell out of the hour. Huzzah! Amazing scenes and footage. The principle figure, van Dyk, has real star qualities, as promised. The storytelling and structure is — no surprise here — superb and engrossing for the viewer.”
Alan Foster, President Executive Program Services, (US TV Programme Distributor)
“You MUST make the time to watch this story. Tim Knight is ground-zero for story-telling with pictures and sound. He has taught hundreds of reporters and producers. He practices this craft with a passion and commitment that the rest of us can only aspire to. Tim is the gold Standard, get it? Watch and discover why.”
George Orr, Journalism Professor, British Columbia Institute of Technology
“I was totally engaged. Gus is a great character. Good casting. You have done a great job in tying the individual animal stories together through Gus and his colleagues on their journeys to preserve the animals. Great job. I look forward to part two. Thanks again for alerting me.”
Sig Gerber, Former Head, CBC TV Current Affairs