Screw The Inverted Pyramid

This is the third instalment in Tim Knight’s series for The Journalist on the craft of broadcast journalism. His first two were The Business of Social Justice and How to Interview.   “I watched the Morning News, the Noon News and the Late-Night News. I saw the Local News, the National News and the World […]

Storytelling Is Magic

This column originally appeared in the Craft section of the South African website The Journalist.   “People think in terms of stories. They understand the world in terms of stories that they have already understood. New events or problems are understood by reference to old previously understood stories and explained to others by the use […]

How to Interview the Anima Way

Between 2011 and 2013,  Tim Knight wrote a weekly column for Huffington Post. This is his first column for The Journalist, (“a new media project that will provide history and context for key issues facing South African journalists as we practice our craft.”) “Go in with something to say and say it — irrespective of the […]