Saving the Soul of TV Journalism

Knight delivers two 4-hour seminars on Saving the Soul of TV Journalism (aka “Screw the Inverted Pyramid”) at Spain’s public broadcaster, TVE, in Madrid. Here are some rough-cut excerpts from the first session. “How privileged I feel for having been the vehicle to convey your much needed message to my fellow Spaniards”  Ana Sevillano, conference interpreter.

Storytelling Is Magic

This column originally appeared in the Craft section of the South African website The Journalist.   “People think in terms of stories. They understand the world in terms of stories that they have already understood. New events or problems are understood by reference to old previously understood stories and explained to others by the use […]

Sharpeville Remembered …

    I’m a twenty-two year-old reporter on the Sunday Express, Johannesburg, when police slaughter sixty-nine unarmed children, women and men at a black township outside Johannesburg called Sharpeville. The very name has since become a symbol for the evil that was apartheid. The massacre changes South Africa forever. Journalists’ cameras catch some of the horror of the Sharpeville killings. But the […]

TV News Is a (White) Man’s World

It’s one of those splendid Toronto evenings when the temperature slithers around 26 celsius and the humidity hits 45 per cent and the women are beautiful and you can’t explain to yourself why you’re going to aCanadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) cheers-with-peers gathering when you could be lounging on some patio drinking cold beer, admiring […]